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Our community is full of young athletes with a hunger and desire to participate in basketball training. Tavarus Blanchard Foundation gives the opportunity for athletes to thrive despite their lack of resources. Training sponsorship allows athletes to see what they're capable of and reminds them that their economic status doesn't dictate their destination.​


​Your donation helps give young athletes a sense of worth, competence, and the ability to move forward in their basketball career successfully and efficiently. Athletes are depending on all of us. Tavarus Blanchard Foundation has given over $28,890 in training sponsorship.


2023 launched our newest project: Free Basketball Skills Clinic. This is an extension of our training sponsorship program. The objective is to create an avenue that may spark an interest in the sport & allows athletes to gain a recreational interest in the social benefits of basketball; peer to peer interaction, acquiring leadership qualities, playing a role in a team dynamic. Our Basketball Skills Clinic connects the community to a valuable resource. With this project we're able to alleviate the financial obligation for grade school athletes. 

Skills Clinics will be posted under our event page & hosted generally every month.



I am beyond grateful for the people who have joined our team to volunteer with Tavarus Blanchard Foundation. It's a testament to the reciprocated exchange of gratitude. There are very authentic and genuine relationships built within this program. I strongly believe in not burning bridges, because things come around full circle. Most volunteers have previously benefited from the services of this organization. If not most, the majority of the relationships are still intact and continue to evolve. As volunteers, you have become family. It's apparent that volunteering isn't just something you do- It's who you are. I see the excitement to participate, teach, and impact. I appreciate your sacrifice and for being an extension of the brand. Because of your authenticity we're able to sustain and obtain longevity.

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Jacob Duncan, Rich Harris, Chris Urratia, Jordan Knox, Jules D'Amico. Not pictured: Josh DeLeon,  Jamael Haynes, 

MPOWR Training
Grade Level Athletes

Training sponsorship is provided to  grade school athletes through our Free Basketball Skills Clinics.  These occur throughout the year. Some athletes may qualify for ongoing sponsorship.

Collegiate Athletes

Qualifying collegiate athletes can receive sponsorship for individual & private basketball training. Athletes must show commitment and sacrifice by working toward their goal, exhausting every measure.

It's understood that collegiate athletes have limited financial resources. Their team demand and obligation prevent them from gaining the necessary financial sustainability. Some athletes barely make it. Our mission is to alleviating the financial obligation of player development training. 


Training outside of their collegiate system gives athletes an edge, elevates their IQ, & provides position awareness. Some collegiate programs don't have player development. The ones that do, may not have the time or man power to focus on strict one-on-one player development. Continual basketball training helps maintain a high level of confidence and keeps athletes in a creative rhythm, causing them to be playmakers. Collegiate athletes who receive this award train with us for a long period of time to obtain complete player development. The mentorship that is included is even more critical. These athletes have to maintain a high level of mental capacity while meeting a demand.​ Having a mentor that guides and teaches can be the deciding factor in how much strength they gain, the perspective they receive, and their determination to keep pushing.

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