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Character of a Man

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

We introduce to you, Tavarus Blanchard of MPOWR Training- the man behind the brand.

Tavarus Blanchard

The Character of a Man I am a driven, ambitious trailblazer who is obsessed with sowing seeds of impact and influence. A connectivity enthusiast who loves to ignite dreams, provoke philosophy, promote personal elevation, and nourish visions. My desire is to help people see a larger vision of themselves by encouraging people to destroy and conquer the critic within and to become obsessed with what feeds them. This manifests fulfillment. I serve as a guide to help people discover their genius and niche, reassuring individuals that their level of belief is a direct reflection of what they know they can possess. I inspire creatives to seek true validation and identity within.

What is needed for your journey lies within. What’s needed has to be activated in order to be accessed.

I am a superior player development trainer whose passion is to provide solutions that produce long-term effects and sustainability. Teaching athletes the nuances of the game and creating lanes of intentional success through player development and mentorship is my singular focus. I am a catalyst of change. Mentoring gives such an amazing balance to figuring out the roadmaps of life. Utilizing the self-looking glass approach helps athletes discover their personal challenges and serves as a conduit that helps create a solution-accountability system. Their exposure leads to their expansion.

Tavarus' Brand Reputation I'm known for building innovative, results-based player development systems that are built on basketball foundational principles & concepts, skill micro-details, and skill mastery. I take pride in building versatile, efficient players. People know that I maintain the integrity of the basketball culture while elevating the mentality of the athlete and strategically giving athletes an arsenal of tools that will help define their confidence, courage, and power within.

Building MPOWR Training My basketball training journey officially began in 2014 in San Marcos, TX. It started with me helping a friend's son develop. With that bloomed a business of developing local athletes.

I jumped into hosting team and large group trainings in Central Texas, Houston, and Arkansas, working with AAU organizations and high school teams. Building connections with people and changing the basketball culture is what my brand is all about. That same year I got the opportunity to train my first professional athlete. Taking a risk and being courageous got me the opportunity. I always share my motto with my athletes which is to "exhaust every measure." That means to make the most of every opportunity. If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready. Soon after more overseas basketball pros arrived, most of which played at my alma matter, Texas State University. I developed the game of existing international players as well as transitioning rookies. It brought a perspective shift and exposed me to an entirely new world. This shift ignited a newfound hunger and an insatiable appetite to evolve. Athletes at this stage are favorite to work with. They are self-motivated, with determination, grit, and a mentality to sacrifice for their goal.

In 2018-2020 I began working with the Texas State Men’s basketball coaching staff and team to focus on player development. The primary emphasis was on skill mastery of strengths and skill development of deficiencies. This is the recipe for creating highly efficient players.

My family transitioned to Pflugerville, beginning a new phase of life and business venture in new territory in the spring of 2020, before COVID arrived. Nonetheless, I continued my passion of developing and advising overseas professional players preparing for their international transition. I also continued to train and mentor all of my grade school athletes gearing them up for their upcoming seasons. During this time, MPOWR's mentorship program was created. It's important to share my journey with athletes and provide them with a different perspective toward the game and life.

We focus on establishing concrete relationships with community figures, local school districts, families and their athletes. With multiple levels of connectivity and outreach, we will become a community staple; provoking change and influencing passions.

The difference Relational connectivity and having the opportunity to directly influence an athlete’s journey, and celebrate life-changing moments is very fulfilling. Me seeing people conquer life and gain personal fulfillment is a huge part of my desire and character.

Expect honesty, accountability, passion, and a trainer who is fully invested in every angle of training and its process. Our process demands a high level of commitment, discipline, and sacrifice. It's loaded with reiterations and reinforcement. We know the journey isn’t about perfection, it’s about progress.

Conquering Obstacles So far, the road has had it challenges. But to whom much is given, much is required. And those obstacles are designed to test the authenticity of your vision. When I stepped into skill development, I took a very aggressive approach by creating innovative translatable systems and understanding the importance of skill evolution. I always seek to expand my knowledge by adopting a high level of adaptability, being a sponge for valuable information, and continuing to be a student of the game. I rely heavily on my meticulous attention to detail, passionate teaching, and relentless pursuit to manifest my greatness in athletes.


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