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The Internship Experience at Tavarus Blanchard Foundation

Students can receive volunteer hours and academic credit from their school for work completed within our internship program. Students are able to gain skills in administrative support, business ethics, time management, & oral/written communication. Students have to opportunity to develop major specific skills, such as athletic program development, athletic assessments, and integrated marketing. View job descriptions to select which position suits you.


Man on Mobile Phone

Step 1: Initial Call

If your qualifications are a match, our recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a short, informal call to get to know you and your work experience.

On a Video Call

Step 2: Interview

If your assessment results are in line with the expectations for the job you applied for, we will reach out to schedule a formal first interview.

Business Discussion

Step 3: Final Decision

As soon as the final interview concludes, you will learn the outcome of your potential employment within a few days.


No positions are available at this time. Please check back soon.


We make it a point to recruit students who seek career-defining challenges. To be considered, submit your 1) Resume 2) Cover letter detailing what you wish you gain from this internship program; and 3) Portfolio (if applicable)

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