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The Athletic Academic Enhancement (AAE) for MPOWR Protégé is the connector that could potentially solidify traction and recruitment as future amateur prospects. Not only is it the staple of our organization but it is the most vital component of the athlete’s journey. AAE is a program offering MPOWR Protégé student-athletes the opportunity to strategically learn, create, and practice academic habits associated with collegiate success and readiness. Concrete routines create long-lasting habits which lead to intentional results.

This experience is designed to give intrinsically motivated student-athletes the opportunity to gradually become acclimated to college level readiness and its demands in a supportive, structured environment. The program will assist student-athletes in developing college study habits, academic focus, and improvement in areas such as critical thinking, reading comprehension, and alternative standardized test strategies.


I will prepare and someday my chance will come - (Abraham Lincoln). While we understand that your athletes aren’t considered prospects until their freshmen year; there is no better time than NOW to begin to prepare for what lies ahead. Preparation creates lanes of endless opportunities that manifest fulfillment. What does that preparation look like?


Pre-practice study hall, weekly grade assessments, peer & professional tutoring, ACT & SAT Prep, and incentives.


There are many volunteer opportunities for coaches, training assistants, and basketball operations.

Will you commit yourself to our MPOWR Protégé?

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