Tavarus Blanchard Foundation

Training sponsorship allows athletes to see what they're capable of and reminds them that their economic status doesn't dictate their destination.​ Tavarus Blanchard Foundation gives the opportunity for athletes to thrive despite their lack of resources. Our mission is to alleviat the financial obligation of player development training. Sponsorship helps give young athletes a sense of worth, competence, and the ability to move forward in their basketball career successfully.

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Grade Level Athletes

Training sponsorship is provided to  grade school athletes through free Basketball Skills Clinics.  Skills Clinics occur throughout the year. Subscribe to our newsletters for information on when they will occur.

Collegiate Athletes

Qualifying collegiate athletes can receive sponsorship for individual & private basketball training. Athletes must show commitment and sacrifice by working toward their goal, exhausting every measure.



Tavarus Blanchard Foundation

MPOWR Protege

Volunteer as a coach, training assistant, or a part of the basketball operations.


Participate in our mentorship program events of year round youth gatherings and formal events. 

Tavarus Blanchard Foundation

Volunteer your time as a subject tutor, speaker,  or mentor.

Tavarus Blanchard Foundation

Volunteer as a training assistant during our basketball skills clinics or basketball training sessions.